Lawn Care in Calvert County, MD

No matter what you’re looking to do, Calvert County, Maryland has plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re visiting the Calvert Marine Museum, kayaking on the Patuxent River, spending the day on Solomans Island, or visiting Flag Ponds Nature Park, you are sure to have a great time. We can see why you’ve chosen to live in Calvert County, MD!

Of course, sometimes it’s nice to stay home and enjoy your own outdoor oasis. Our soil scientists would love to partner with you to grow a vibrant, healthy lawn.

Blades of Green has been assisting Calvert County, MD, homeowners with their lawn care needs since 1989. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality lawn care services and products. Let’s work together to design a customized lawn care program that meets your needs and grows the lawn of your dreams!

Grow a Lawn Designed to Thrive in Calvert County, MD

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Calvert County, MD Lawn Care 411

What are the most common grass types in Calvert County, MD?

The most common grass types in Calvert County, MD, are Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue. These cool-season grasses are well-adapted to the area and can withstand both cold and hot temperatures.

What is the most common soil type in Calvert County, MD?

The most common soil type in Calvert County, Maryland, is loamy sand soil. This type of soil is made up of a combination of sand, silt, and clay particles and is considered to be ideal for growing many types of plants. This soil type is known for its ability to retain nutrients and moisture, which makes it a great choice for gardening and landscaping.

What are the most common lawn issues Calvert County, MD, lawns face?

Common lawn issues in Calvert County, MD, can include grub infestations, lawn diseases like brown patch, and environmental stressors such as drought and extreme temperatures. To help prevent lawn problems, it’s important to ensure your lawn is properly fed and watered, free of debris and excess thatch, and mowed properly. Additionally, aerating and overseeding your lawn every year can help it better withstand environmental stressors and pests.

We offer lawn care services in the following zip codes in Calvert County, MD

20610          20615          20732          20629          20754          20639          20657
20714          20736          20676          20678          20688         20685

Blades of Green can assist you and your Calvert County, MD lawn with the following services:

Why Choose Blades of Green for your Calvert County, MD lawn care services

We are locally owned and operated

Our founder, Mark Leahy, started the company in 1989 with just him and his brother, Brad. Thanks to the loyalty and support of customers like YOU, 33 years later, we have a team of more than 150 people partnering with people and companies in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

We are highly rated and award-winning

Hey, we don’t like to brag… But we’ve received more than 1000 reviews from Facebook, Angi , and Google (just to name a few!) We’ve also earned countless accolades from multiple different publications.

We Leave No Stone Unturned

Okay, well, not EVERY stone – but you get the idea. Getting the best lawn care and pest control means having peace of mind knowing that one of our trained experts is taking their time to examine your property with every visit. This means if we see something that causes concern, you’ll be the first to know. Plus, we’ll even recommend a plan of action.

Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

I wanted to let you know what a professional and polite job Emile did servicing our property. I would also like to highlight how perfectly Emile handled a tricky situation during the service. While pulling hoses through our yard, Emile found a broken landscape light fixture next to the hose. He immediately brought the piece to my attention because he thought he had broken the fixture. He was very apologetic and wanted to make sure it was fixed. I was very impressed with his honesty and the manner he handled the problem. Actually, he did not break the fixture, as it had been broken several months earlier by a lawnmower. Emile should be acknowledged for being a very professional representative of your company.- Greg H.

five stars

I had my service with Blades of Green in October 2022. I must compliment my technician Mark Harrison. He took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and give helpful advice. I appreciate Mark's professional and courteous manner.- Chrissy F.

Lawn care questions frequently asked by Calvert County, MD homeowners

How to get rid of crabgrass?

The best way to eliminate crab grass in Maryland and Virginia will depend on the size of the area you are trying to treat. For smaller patches of crabgrass, hand-pulling or spot-treating with a selective herbicide may be the best option. For larger areas, you may want to consider using a pre-emergent herbicide, which will prevent crabgrass from germinating in the first place. It’s important to follow the instructions on whatever product you decide to use, as over-application or incorrect application of herbicides will do more harm than good. Additionally, it’s important to keep the area well-watered and mow at the proper height to discourage the growth of crabgrass.
Learn more about crabgrass by visiting

What do lawn care services include?

Each lawn care company offers a different set of services. Our team of Soil Scientists will assist you with selecting the right lawn care treatments, tree & shrub care, bed weed control, mosquito, flea, and tick treatments & mole and vole removal services. They’ll even recommend the best time to aerate and overseed your lawn so you’ll get the most out of investment.

We do not provide mowing, tree and shrub trimming, mulching, weeding, leaf raking, bagging or removal, de-thatching, wildlife removal, landscape design, sod installation, or irrigation installation

How to get the perfect lawn?

We are here to help you grow a lawn you’ll love (and want to use and show-off!). , But, much like getting the human body into shape, growing a healthy lawn takes time and (lots!) of patience. There are a variety of factors that need to be addressed before achieving the “perfect” lawn. For example, soil pH, foot traffic, lawn disease, bug infestations, mowing and watering practices, animal activity, and more. On average, it can take anywhere from one to three years to get your lawn into shape.