Lawn Fungus & Lawn Disease Treatment Services

Need lawn fungus treatment services? There are many types of fungus and diseases that can affect your lawn and yard. That’s why it’s important to get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan to protect your property.

Some common fungal diseases that can infect lawns include dollar spot, brown patch, red thread, Fusarium blight, and mold. Yard diseases such as anthracnose, southern blight, take-all patch, leaf spot, rusts can also be treated by professionals.

Lawn Fungus Treatment Methods

Most fungus and disease problems can be treated with either chemical or organic fungicides. Professionals have the experience and expertise to choose the right fungicide for the specific problem you are experiencing, and they will also know how to apply it.

Lawn Disease Treatment & Prevention

You’ve worked so hard to maintain a good-looking lawn, don’t let it all go to waste! Protecting your lawn with lawn disease treatment from insects and disease today helps prevent future destruction tomorrow. A lot of the time, the disease can be avoided if your lawn is being properly tended to.

There are a few simple things you can do to help prevent lawn fungus and disease:

1. Keep your lawn mowed short and make sure the blades of your mower are sharp. A closely cropped lawn will be less attractive to pests and will be cooler, which also helps to discourage fungal growth.

2. Aerate your lawn regularly. This will help promote good drainage and reduce moisture levels, which can lead to fungal growth.

3. Apply a thick layer of organic mulch around trees and shrubs in your yard. The mulch will help retain moisture and suppress weed growth, both of which can contribute to the development of lawn fungus and disease.

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five stars

Thank you for the summary report & for doing the winterization on the lawn. I have seen a huge difference with your treatments & lawn service care. Although I am not physically at the property, the latest photos I've seen of the lawn look green & plush. Much appreciated. - Renee W.

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We have been Blades of Green customers since 2005, for many different services from lawn maintenance, to sidewalk installation, to pest control, and there has never been a problem. We would highly recommend them to anyone.- Arlene M.

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Our lawn has never looked so good. We have been using BOG for I believe 3 years. Always friendly, great communication, and helpful anytime I have questions.- Lynn S.

Fungal Diseases Are Among The Most Common

Fungal diseases are among the most common problems that affect lawns and yards. They can cause extensive damage to plants, making them look unsightly and often leading to their death.

There are a number of ways to help prevent fungal diseases from affecting your lawn or yard. One of the most important is to keep the area well-maintained and free of debris, which can provide a breeding ground for fungi. Make sure to water plants regularly and evenly, and avoid over-watering as this can also lead to disease problems.

You can also help protect plants by using fungicide sprays or powders as needed, especially during times when conditions are conducive to fungus growth.

Avoid Lawn Diseases With Consistent Care

The best way to prevent lawn disease is with consistent care. Fertilization, weed control, lawn pest control, and more should be a regular part of your lawn care routine. If your lawn is suffering from any of these lawn diseases or more, let the experts at Blades of Green help kick it back into gear! With our lawn care program, you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn all year round!

Are You Dealing With a Damaged Lawn?

There are numerous diseases your lawn can suffer from but don’t worry — the experts at Blades of Green can identify the disease and create a customized plan to bring your lawn back to health. Not sure if you are dealing with a lawn disease? Here are some common lawn diseases that we treat:

  • Spring Dead Spot – Most noticeable in the springtime and early summer — Spring Dead Spot is noticeable by displaying dead and bleached white spots throughout your lawn.
  • Brown Spot – Most common in the warmer months — Affected areas within your lawn can be determined by thin grass areas along with bleached or yellow areas. Large circular and semicircular arcs will be apparent.
  • Fairy Rings – Typically appear as rings of dark green and fast-growing turf. Evidence of a fairy ring is usually a cluster of mushrooms or toadstools. They usually appear at the outer edge of rings in late summer or early fall, during periods of high soil moisture.

Over 30 Years of Expert Lawn Care

Does your lawn look sick in certain spots? When your lawn gets affected by disease, you’ll want to treat it right away to stop it from spreading and get it back to a healthy state.

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Customized Lawn Care Programs

Want the best lawn care service around but at a price that works for you and your family? We are proud to offer our greenest lawn care options at a great deal. Below are three of our most popular solutions, as well as a variety of add-ons which can be added to any program. Give us a call today at 703-313-2056!

Basic Program

Your experienced & knowledgeable soil scientist will create a custom lawn care program based on your lawn’s needs. When enrolling in a basic program, your lawn will receive:

  • Initial Analysis and Soil Test
  • Multi-Treatment Fertilization
  • Weed Prevention and Elimination
  • Grub Control
  • pH Adjustment

Price varies by property.

Give Your Lawn Some Love
Preferred Program

Grow a healthy lawn from the ground up with everything our basic program has to offer – plus core aeration and seeding with starter fertilizer. With this program, your lawn will enjoy:

  • Initial Analysis and Soil Test
  • Multi-Treatment Fertilization
  • Weed Prevention and Elimination
  • Grub Control
  • pH Adjustment
  • Core Aeration
  • Seeding with SeedBOOST Starter Fertilizer

Price varies by property.

Get a Lawn You’ll Love
Premium Program

Ready to boost your home’s curb appeal and become the envy of your neighborhood? When enrolling in this program, your lawn will be treated with everything in our preferred program – plus disease & nutsedge control. In summary:

  • Initial Analysis and Soil Test
  • Multi-Treatment Fertilization
  • Weed Prevention and Elimination
  • Grub Control
  • pH Adjustment
  • Core Aeration
  • Seeding with SeedBOOST Starter Fertilizer
  • Disease Control
  • Nutsedge Control

Price varies by property.

Make Your Neighbors Jealous

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You’ll Get The Best of Blades of Green, Guaranteed

At Blades of Green, we not only care about the wellbeing of the beautiful lawns we cultivate, we care about the wellbeing of our customers. Each of our technicians go through a rigorous and detailed certification process, allowing them to gain the required expertise for creating and caring for Northern Virginia and Maryland’s healthiest lawns. We're proud to offer packages that include our other signature services to help you get more for your money! Our technicians ensure you truly have the yard of your dreams, and that’s why at Blades of Green - our job isn’t done until you are satisfied.

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