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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Lawn Turn Brown in the winter?

Your lawn is likely in “hibernation mode,” aka going dormant. This is normal and most likely nothing to be concerned about.

Help! Why are there so many weeds in my lawn during the fall and winter?!

Your lawn is most likely battling Roughstalk Bluegrass. This is a cool-season weed that is fast growing and, if left untreated, will leave unsightly bare spots and unhealthy turf when the warmer temps arrive.

It snowed, and now my lawn has brown spots. What's wrong?

Your lawn is most likely suffering from salt damage. De-icing salt can cause accidental damage to your lawn and other plants. Read this blog to learn easy ways to treat and prevent this type of damage:
How to Protect Your Lawn & Yard From Winter Salt Damage
How to Prepare Landscape & Trees For Winter

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