No two lawns are alike. That is why the foundation of our lawn care service in Maryland and Virginia includes an initial free lawn analysis. One of our lawn care specialists will evaluate your grass or turf, soil condition, yard use and listen to your concerns to design a customized lawn treatment plan.

Typically, a comprehensive lawn care program will include a combination of the following:

Initial Analysis and First Round Application

Our process begins with the very first call when we will discuss the details of your lawn, provide a quote, and begin to develop the details of your lawn care treatment plan.

We will then visit your property to evaluate your grass, soil condition, yard use and listen to your concerns and goals to formulate our treatment application plans.

Finally, we will perform the first round of treatments on the same visit to get you one step closer to the beautiful lawn you have always wanted.

Multi-Treatment Fertilization

We apply phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer at key points throughout the year to promote health, give your lawn the nutrients it needs, and maintain its strength through the seasons and accompanying weather conditions.

Weed Prevention and Control

The overpowering, nutrient-depleting nature of weeds in Northern Virginia and Maryland is what makes them an enemy of any lawn. We prevent the initial growth of the most common weeds in MD and NoVa with pre-emergent treatments and manage existing problems with targeted control.

Grub Control

We understand grubs that are unique to the Maryland and Northern Virginia area and, through early detection and proper treatment, we can prevent them from destroying your lawn. Grubs will eat through the root system of your grass, killing your grass and causing brown patches throughout your lawn.

pH Testing and Soil Adjustment

We keep your lawn in a proper pH range to promote lawn health through soil testing and pH adjustment. Without neutralized pH levels, your lawn will not properly absorb nutrients from the applied fertilizers.

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Additional Lawn & Yard Services

Aeration & Seeding

Our aeration and seeding services will transform your lawn into a healthy, lush, green environment that you will be able to enjoy year-round!

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Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

Our thorough mosquito, flea, & tick control services both prevent future pests and eliminate existing ones. Enjoy your backyard more!

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Tree & Shrub Care

With our Tree & Shrub program, we will individualize our services to fit the needs of your particular shrubs in order to promote optimum growth and repel insects and disease.

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Mole & Vole Control

Even a perfectly green, flourishing landscape is susceptible to an infestation of moles and voles. Prevent the destruction of grass, trees, and shrubs in its tracks!

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Bed Weed Control

Our bed weed program ensures that most of your weed problems are removed and kept under control without harming your existing plants.

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Pest Control

Living in Maryland and Virginia, we know that common pests such as ants, crickets, spiders, termites, and more are unwanted guests on any property.

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Certified Lawn Care Technicians

Our specialists bring out your lawn’s potential and deliver tailored treatments with courtesy and precision. Each of our technicians goes through a rigorous certification process to gain the expertise required to create the most premium, lush lawns in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Greater Washington, D.C. area.

Lawn Care Service Areas

We proudly serve Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our team of lawn service experts know this area like the back of their hands and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle whatever your lawn needs!

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