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The first impression of your home can make or break a sale with a potential homebuyer. The first impression, in most cases, is the curb appeal of your home.  According to National Association of Realtors survey, 71% of homebuyers said curb appeal plays an impacted factor during the decision-making process on a home. Landscaping happens to be a major component of curb appeal. A nicely maintained lawn can intrigue buyers before they even see the inside of the house. This could be the difference between having your house on the market for a few weeks to a few years. Remember you only get one first impression, so make it count.

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1. Eliminate Weeds

Weeds are a menace for any homeowner, especially when they are showing off the home to potential buyers. Weeds can take the spotlight away from the luscious plants that they have intruded upon. They can steal precious nutrients and water that plants need to survive. Not to mention they aren’t easy on the eyes. Find out more on how to control weeds in your lawn with our weed control tips and tricks.

2. Trim Shrubs and Trees

Untamed shrubs and trees make havens for pests to inhabit. They also give off the impression of a disheveled yard, which can lead to the impression of a disheveled home altogether.  An easy fix for DIY lawn care enthusiasts is to simply grab a pair of clippers and eliminate the awful sight of overgrown shrubs and trees. They should especially be trimmed if they obstruct sunlight from entering through windows, as the more natural light in a home the better.

3. Green is Good

Regularly maintained green grass is the perfect way to catch potential homebuyers’ attention. If necessary, seed and fertilize your lawn to give off a new lawn feel to homebuyers. If you have bare spots or thinning grass, consider aeration and seeding to bring your lawn back to life. Make sure the grass is watered and cut often to make sure it keeps its nice green shade.

4. Clean Your Bed

Remove all dead and gloomy plants from your flower bed and plant new ones in their place. Make use of plants that are easy to maintain and bloom for a long period of time. Space out each plant appropriately to make sure they have adequate room to grow. Fresh mulch can also be a great way to spruce up your beds for little cost.

5. Keep it Simple

Don’t give off the impression that your yard takes a lot to maintain. Potential homebuyers are not going to want to inherit a yard that occupies a lot of their time and money. Too much going on in your yard can leave homebuyers overwhelmed and can be a turn-off.

If you need any additional help sprucing up your yard, contact your friends of Blades of Green at 703-313-2056. We’ve been providing quality lawn care services to homeowners in Maryland for over 30 years and can help your lawn look its best.

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