Lawn Care Services in Montgomery County, MD

Whether you live near Rockville Town Center, Brookside Gardens, or Montgomery College, our soil scientists are ready to partner with you to grow a lawn you love using organic applications!

Our soil scientists began researching, developing and testing the best organic products and methods at our very own lawn labe well before Montgomery County, MD started requiring all lawn care treatments be organic. From our studies, we created a new division of Blades of Green called True Organic Lawn Care & Pest Control.

These custom-tailored lawn care treatments are organic, eco-friendly, and safe for your family & pets.

Grow and Go with Organic Lawn Care

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Montgomery County, MD Lawn Care 411

What are the most common grass types in Montgomery County, MD?

The five most common grass types in Montgomery County, MD are:

  1. Kentucky bluegrass
  2. Perennial ryegrass
  3. Tall fescue
  4. Fine fescue
  5. Zoysia grass

What are the most common soil types in Montgomery County, MD?

The most common soil types in Montgomery County, MD are sandy loam soils, clay loam soils, and silt loam soils.

  • Sandy loam soils are the most prevalent, making up about 40% of the soils in the area.
  • Clay loam soils are the second most common, making up around 25%
  • Followed by silt loam soils, which make up approximately 20%.
  • Additionally, there is a small percentage of silt and loamy sand soils.

What are the most common lawn issues Montgomery County, MD lawns face?

Lawn disease is the most common issue homeowners in Montgomery County, MD has to battle. The most common diseases are brown patch, red thread, dollar spot, and leaf spot. Other lawn issues include grub infestations and thatch buildup.

We offer lawn care services in the following zip codes in Montgomery County, MD

20861          20838          20839          20810          20811          20813          20814         20816
20817          20824          20827          20889          20892         20894         20841         20862
20833         20866          20818          20815           20825         20871          20872         20855
20842         20877          20878          20879           20882        20883         20884         20885
20898        20899          20896          20874           20875         20876         20812          20891
20895        20886          20830          20832           20837        20854          20859         20847
20848        20849          20850          20851           20852         20853         20857          20860
20901         20902          20903          20904          20905         20906        20907          20908
20910         20911           20914           20915           20916         20918         20993          20997
20868        20897          20912           20913           20880

Blades of Green can assist you and your Montgomery County, MD lawn with the following services:

Why Choose Blades of Green for your Montgomery County, MD lawn care services

We stand behind our people, products, and services

If you ever have any questions or issues, our soil scientists are always a phone call away! We are always here to address any concerns you have and offer free follow-up visits with most recurring lawn care plans to help address any problems that may arise between your scheduled service dates.

We Hire and Train the Best

All of our team members go through a vigorous vetting process. Plus, each of our technicians receives more than 70 hours of continuous training every year.

Going Beyond Lawn Care and Pest Control!

On top of our dedication to helping you enjoy all your property has to offer, we’re also passionate about supporting the communities in which we live, work, and play. That spirit drives us to help regional charities and invest in scholarship programs for local students.

Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

Mark took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and give helpful advice. I appreciate Mark's professional and courteous manner.- Marita T.

five stars

Mark is always willing to share his knowledge, is professional, and always takes his time no matter the situation. I am very satisfied with the services provided.- David M.

Lawn care questions frequently asked by Montgomery County, MD homeowners

How much does lawn care cost?

When it comes to lawn care, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all,” which is why we created three programs Our lawn care programs include a variety of services ranging from an initial analysis of your property, soil test, multi-treatment fertilization, weed prevention and elimination, grub control, and pH adjustment and more. We have a variety of lawn care programs from which to choose, with some featuring core aeration and overseeding with SeedBOOST starter fertilizer, disease control, and nutsedge control. Also, if you bundle another service with a lawn care program, like tree and shrub care, for instance, you’ll save 15% off that service!

How to get the perfect lawn?

We are here to help you grow a lawn you’ll love (and want to use and show-off!). , But, much like getting the human body into shape, growing a healthy lawn takes time and (lots!) of patience. There are a variety of factors that need to be addressed before achieving the “perfect” lawn. For example, soil pH, foot traffic, lawn disease, bug infestations, mowing and watering practices, animal activity, and more. On average, it can take anywhere from one to three years to get your lawn into shape.

How do I get rid of weeds in my lawn?

Corn gluten, mulch, salt water, vinegar, and heavy grass are natural ways to kill weeds in your lawn. Herbicides are the best option to get rid of weeds and are safest when applied by lawn care professionals. This blog offers more insight: