Get The Scoop On Organic Lawn Care Applications

Organic lawn care is an eco-friendly way to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. It involves using natural, non-toxic products and techniques to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Whether you are a current True Organic client, or in the market for organic lawn care, it’s helpful to know the purpose and benefits of the applications being applied to your lawn.

Our soil scientists hope you find this information helpful.

Initial Analysis and Soil Test

We inspect the overall condition of the lawn, appearance, weed content, mowing height, and moisture content. We then collect soil samples to be tested which will help us determine if the pH level of the soil is acidic or alkaline. It will also tell us the Lawns nutrient and organic matter content and nutritional needs.

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Soil pH Amendment

Based on the soil test results, we may need to increase, decrease or maintain the soil pH to achieve and sustain our optimal pH range of 6.0 – 7.0 for grass to grow well. We will add measured amounts of lime to maintain or, if needed, increase the pH. We will do the same with Sulphur if we need to decrease the pH level.

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Fertilizer Applications

For a lawn to flourish, it needs the proper types of nutrients at the proper times and in the proper amounts. Our fertilizers are formulated specifically to address the nutrient needs for lawns in MD and VA at different times of the year without over-fertilizing.

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Crabgrass Suppression Applications

The best defense against crabgrass is a thick, healthy lawn mowed at the right height and properly watered. It will shade the crabgrass seeds from the sun, preventing them from being warmed up and germinating.

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Weed Suppression Applications

Again, the best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn mowed at the right height and properly watered. It will shade the weed seeds preventing them from being warmed up by the sun and germinating.

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Bio-Stimulants Applications

Our organic biostimulant product is composed of seaweed extracts that promote microbial activity, which makes nutrients more available to the grass. It also has micronutrients that influence photosynthesis, promoting chlorophyll production, which boosts root mass and blade growth, resulting in added stress tolerance, improved turf density, and a greener lawn.

Spring Liquid Aeration, Seeding, and SeedBOOST Starter Fertilizer

SeedBoost is a carefully formulated, concentrated seed dressing that increases seed quality by increasing nutrient levels in seeds. The improved nutrient levels in seeds have a significant positive effect on germination and growth.

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Fall Liquid Aeration, Seeding, and SeedBOOST Starter Fertilizer

Liquid aeration is a product that provides soil compaction relief for your lawn by physically creating space in the soil, allowing oxygen, water, and other nutrients to easily penetrate the soil. This helps the grass grow a stronger root system resulting in thicker and healthier grass. Some benefits of Liquid aeration are that it penetrates deeper and covers a much larger surface area than mechanical aeration, It doesn’t leave unsightly dirt plugs on the lawn, and does not stir up the weed seeds in the soil and create a weed issue that did not exist. It allows the soil to breathe more easily, reduces thatch buildup, and mitigates small water puddling issues.

We exclusively use Certified 100% weed free seed that is selected specifically for our area. The next time you’re in the hardware store pick up any bag of grass seed and read the contents label, it will tell you what percent of the product in the bag are weed seeds. Newly seeded lawns must be kept moist. If the seed dries out, it will not germinate. However, you must be careful not to over water as too much water will cause the seed to rot. It will normally take 14 – 28 days to germinate. Results with aeration and seeding will vary based on weather conditions and watering practices.

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