Award-Winning, Organic-Based Lawn Care in Alexandria, Virginia

Whether you live near the Torpedo Factory Art Center, George Washington Masonic National Memorial, or Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, our team of soil scientists and lawn professionals knows exactly what your turf needs to be the best lawn on the block.

Your grass, soil condition, yard usage, and goals are unique, which is why our soil scientists will evaluate your lawn, listen to your concerns, and formulate a custom lawn care program that helps you grow a lawn you’ll love to show off!

Grow your Outdoor Oasis in Alexandria, VA

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411 On Lawn Care Services in Alexandria, VA

What are the most common grass types in Alexandria, VA?

The most common grass types in Alexandria, VA are fescue, Bermuda grass, and bentgrass.

What are the most common soil types in Alexandria, VA?

The most common soil types in Alexandria, VA are sandy loam, silt loam, and clay loam.

What are the most common lawn issues Alexandria, VA lawns face?

The most common lawn issues in Alexandria, VA include soil compaction, lack of sufficient sunlight, weed infestations, inadequate fertilization and irrigation, over-mowing, and pest infestations.

To ensure a healthy lawn, follow these simple tips:

  • Aerate and dethatch the lawn
  • Mow at the proper height
  • Apply fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicides and insecticides
  • Water the lawn deeply and infrequently

We offer lawn care services in the following zip codes in Alexandria, VA

22301          22302          22304          22305          22311          22313          22314          22320
22331          22332          22333           22334          22350

Why Choose Blades of Green for your lawn care services

We Hire and Train the Best

All of our team members go through a vigorous vetting process. Plus, each of our technicians receives more than 70 hours of continuous training every year.

We have our own lawn lab

That’s right, we design and produce many of our products here onsite. This allows us to adapt to ever-changing conditions in our area and your soil. Plus, we have test plots where we can benchmark results and innovate. There’s no moss growing on our feet (or test plots). We’re always looking for ways to improve and get better results for our clients.

We are highly rated and award-winning

Hey, we don’t like to brag… But we’ve received more than 1000 reviews from Facebook, Angi , and Google (just to name a few!) We’ve also earned countless accolades from multiple different publications.

Tree and Shrub Care in Alexandria

Turf is only one part of your yard. The trees and shrubs are just as important and can bring the whole landscape together. This is why we offer tree and shrub care in Alexandria! Up-keeping every part of the yard is something our professionals are trained for and can take care of for you. Our program includes six steps, tailored for different weather conditions.

Our six-step tree and shrub care include treatments such as:

  • Unique nutrient applications for your trees and shrubs.
  • Insect and disease prevention.
  • Root injection for plants at risk to pests.
  • Wax coat application to prevent damages from cold weather.

Aeration and Seeding in Alexandria

Have you noticed the consequences of extreme temperatures and heavy foot traffic on your grass? If you’ve noticed bare areas, you may need to aerate and reseed your lawn. With the help from our technicians, your turf will be able to breathe and take in nutrients again. Here’s what else our services can do for you:

  • Fill in thin spots of your grass.
  • Break up built-up thatch.
  • Prevent weeds and disease, naturally.
  • Leave you with a greener and more full lawn!

Our process involves pulling small plugs of soil from your lawn so nutrients are better able to reach the roots. We then apply seeds on top of this so they’re able to establish themselves deep in the soil. This solution not only fills in the thin spots but also naturally prevents diseases and weeds.

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