Personalized Lawn Services for Your Oakton, VA Home

Whether you live near the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum, Oakton Shopping Center or the Mosaic District, our lawn professionals knows exactly what your lawn needs to be the best yard in the neighborhood.

Your grass, soil condition, yard usage, and goals are unique, which is why our soil scientists will evaluate your lawn, listen to your concerns, and formulate a custom lawn care program that helps you grow a lawn you’ll love to show off!

Grow a Lawn Designed to Thrive in Oakton, VA

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Why Choose Blades of Green For Your Oakton, VA Lawn Care

We Leave No Stone Unturned

Okay, well, not EVERY stone – but you get the idea. Getting the best lawn care and pest control means having peace of mind knowing that one of our trained experts is taking their time to examine your property with every visit. This means if we see something that causes concern, you’ll be the first to know. Plus, we’ll even recommend a plan of action.

We are locally owned and operated

Our founder, Mark Leahy, started the company back in 1989 with just him and his brother, Brad. More than 30 years later, we have a team of more than 150 people partnering with people and companies in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

We’re Mixologists

No, you won’t find us at the bar whipping up your favorite drink, but you will find us using our state-of-the-art mixing system to customize treatments daily. You won’t find that in aisle five at the hardware store, nor offered by our ‘competitors.’

We Offer A Variety Of Lawn Care Services For Your Oakton, VA Home

Tree and Shrub Care in Oakton, VA

For your lawn to reach its full potential, your trees and shrubs need to be cared for. Our tree and shrub care in Oakton covers seasonal treatments that will keep your shrubs and trees protected all year long. You can expect the following seasonal treatments:

  • Early spring: oil treatment to prevent insects and slow-release fertilizer application
  • Mid-spring, early-summer, late-summer: insect and disease prevention treatment and tailored nutrient application on shrubs
  • Fall: root injection to plants at risk of pests and selective fertilizer application
  • Winter: wax coat application to protect against wind, ice, and freezing temperatures

Mosquito Control in Oakton, VA

Summer vacation is a lot less enjoyable when swarms of mosquitoes have trapped you indoors and prevented you from enjoying some warm sunshine. Our mosquito control treatments will control populations of adult mosquitoes from your backyard and prevent a resurgence by obliterating breeding grounds before more can hatch.

Our mosquito control in Oakton is designed to provide relief all summer long, including:

  • Initial treatment and inspection around the perimeter of your home to identify breeding grounds around your property.
  • Seven treatments that take place every 3-4 weeks during mosquito season (April through October).
  • Highly effective products to eliminate populations and their larvae.
  • EPA-certified products to drastically reduce mosquito populations without putting your family, pets, and the environment in harm’s way.

Thick, lush grass is just a click away

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Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

I had my first treatment with Blades of Green on 10-22-2022. I must compliment my technician, Mark Harrison. Mark took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and give helpful advice. I appreciate Mark's professional and courteous manner. - Marita T.

five stars

A big thanks to the Edgewater team. It's amazing how amazing these guys are! This week Josh H. and Chris. S. detailed their time spent on the fruit trees, the vegetable and flower gardens, and my pups' favorite spots in the yard. They even gave a text alert for the afternoon service so I could bring two pesky pups in before they arrived. Even with the dense woods and swamps surrounding the house, Edgewater's technicians keep mice, moles, and snakes at bay. Finally, I can relax in my hammock without worrying about deer ticks or mosquitoes. - Maggie B.

five stars

We have absolutely enjoyed our service from Blades of Green. They are thorough without being over-bearing. Our yard needed help as it was turning patchy with weeds and not as green and full as the rest of our neighbors. They quickly turned this around with only a few treatments. We were so impressed with their work that we added the mosquito and tick control service. It's now the end of June, we've been out in our yard every night and no mosquito bites... impressive! Highly recommend this company if you want to see results.- Jaime O'reilly

Service Areas in Maryland & Northern Virginia

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Aeration & Seeding

You know every spring when your neighbor’s yard looks like it’s full of doggy doo. It’s actually not. They ordered aeration and seeding for their bald and patchy grass. How’s your grass lookin’?

Mosquito Flea Tick Treatment

There is nothing worse than having some sweet tea in a storm of mosquitos and your animals full of ticks. Let us make your outdoor activities stress-free!

Tree & Shrub Care

There is nothing worse than your good looking trees getting infected by pests and having to call all out the tree folks to chop it down. We’ll make your trees and shrubs protected and help them live a long life.

Mole & Vole Control

Imagine playing catch with your kids or playing croquet and tripping over mounds and holes created by nasty, pesky rodents… we’ll take care of it and no ankles will get broken.

Pest Control

Our individualized plans are designed to get rid of pests on your property while also using some of the safest products that have passed both EPA inspection and our own safety qualifications.

Bed Weed Control

Your home’s landscape beds are a major part of your property’s curb appeal. No one wants passerbys commenting on your unsightly beds! Let us make your property a hit.