Stop The Crabgrass Cycle!

Spring temperatures bring your lawn back to life, unfortunately, that includes pesky crabgrass!

Prevent crabgrass and other weeds from growing in your lawn by partnering with our soil scientists. Together we can make your lawn look its best!

As an extra incentive, if you sign up for a lawn care program by May 31, 2024, you’ll also be rewarded 3 free gifts, plus a soil test.*

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Crabgrass is one of the most pervasive, opportunistic weeds your lawn will face. In fact, each plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds! Here are the top five reasons to get rid of crabgrass before it starts:

  1. If left unchecked, this invasive weed will take over your lawn (and your neighbors too – even the ones you like!)
  2. Crabgrass is a thief. That’s right – this unwanted weed steals moisture and needed nutrients from your soil, making it extra difficult for your grass to grow.
  3. Crabgrass is a sign that your lawn isn’t healthy, which should be addressed so crabgrass can’t remain or return.
  4. Due to its high stalks, crabgrass provides a perfect home for pests.
  5. Crabgrass requires preventative measures. This persistent and prolific weed needs a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the crabgrass seeds from sprouting. This preventative measure will help your lawn and plants grow healthier because it doesn’t allow the crabgrass to start growing roots.
Ready to tackle Crabgrass? Let's do it together!

Why choose Blades of Green as your lawn care partner

We’re Soil Scientists

With more than 25,000 soil tests and 30+ years under our belt, WE ARE THE SOIL EXPERTS and know what your lawn needs. Not only do we understand the local soil and climate, but we also custom manufacture materials specifically for our service area and YOUR lawn. No big box, cookie-cutter approach here! It’s all about you (well, technically, your lawn).

We stand behind our people, products, and services

If you ever have any questions or issues, our soil scientists are always a phone call away! We are always here to address any concerns you have and offer free follow-up visits with most recurring lawn care plans to help address any problems that may arise between your scheduled service dates.

We have our own lawn lab

That’s right, we design and produce many of our products here onsite. This allows us to adapt to ever-changing conditions in our area and your soil. Plus, we have test plots where we can benchmark results and innovate. There’s no moss growing on our feet (or test plots). We’re always looking for ways to improve and get better results for our clients.

*Terms and conditions:

Must purchase a min of a Preferred lawn care program or higher before May 31, 2024, to get the 3 free applications and soil test. Clients who purchase basic lawn care are eligible for 2 Free apps and a soil test. $415 Savings shown based on a 7,000 sq foot lawn with a preferred program. Savings will increase or decrease based on the size of the lawn to be treated and the lawn care program selected.

BOG reserves the right to modify free applications as appropriate or needed, but will still be approximately the same value. Properties in Montgomery County are not eligible for this offer. No Cash Value. Non-transferrable. Other restrictions may apply.