In North Potomac, Maryland, growing a healthy, green lawn is a struggle for most homeowners, especially considering the time investment required to maintain lawn health in the Maryland environment. Imagine having a green, lush, pest-free lawn that requires minimal effort? With our professional lawn care services in North Potomac, that dream can be your reality.


We’re a locally-owned, family business that’s been serving Maryland and Northern Virginia for over three decades. We love this area and always provide exceptional service.

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Lawn Care in North Potomac

We know that each lawn is different, which is why we perform a thorough inspection of your property before creating a customized, organic-based lawn care treatment plan based on your needs and concerns. Blades of Green offers outstanding customer service and has over 30 years of experience, meaning you can be sure your grass gets the care it needs.

Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

Joe DeLuca was my technician this week for winter lawn fertilizer. I had been unable to blow the leaves off the lawn prior to Joe's arrival because of rain, so he blew the leaves off the lawn for me prior to applying the fertilizer. He was a very thorough, pleasant technician. - Barbara S.

five stars

We have a lot of wooded area around, and I like how thoroughly BOG treats the areas, especially perimeters. Brandon is very polite, friendly, professional. - Carolyn P.

five stars

I have been a long-time customer of B.O.G. This company offers wonderful service and reliability. I had the pleasure of meeting Service Technician Tameka when arriving at my home for a pest inspection. She was knowledgeable, patient with my many many questions, and offered recommendations. I really appreciated her attentiveness to all of my concerns. As with all Techs and employees I have encountered over the phone for scheduling or general questions, B.O.G.s level of customer satisfaction reinforces that I am making the right decision to invest in protecting my property from unwanted pests. I highly recommend using this company for any issues or prevention inside and out. - Ashley M.

Organic-Based Products for Optimal Growth

We are proud to feature True Organic, a division of Blades of Green that is solely focused on organic-based lawn care. True Organic offers three separate lawn care programs in North Potomac that are geared towards organic-based and sustainable growth for your grass. We do this by focusing on adding bio-stimulants to your grass’ roots, which turn into organic soil nutrients and bring your lawn back to a correct pH level.

Our lawn care programs in North Potomac include:

  • Basic includes soil testing, fertilization, weed and crabgrass management, ph adjustment, and bio-stimulants.
  • Recommended (Best Value) includes everything that is part of the Basic package, as well as fall and spring liquid aeration and seeding.
  • Fertilizer-Only includes soil testing, fall aeration and seeding, ph adjustment, and seasonal fertilization.

Mosquito Control in North Potomac

Nothing is worse than planning for a fun afternoon outdoors only to come back inside covered in welts and itchy bug bites. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun – let the experts at BOG help you eliminate them from your yard so you can enjoy your summer mosquito-bite free! Our mosquito control in North Potomac includes:

  • A thorough inspection – The best way to eliminate mosquitos is to start at the source, so we begin all our treatments by identifying breeding grounds and problem areas in your yard.
  • Targeted treatment – We target high-risk areas with our effective, EPA-certified products to eliminate mosquitoes and their larvae.
  • Continued care – Our services include 7 seasonal visits between April and October to make sure your yard is mosquito-free all Summer long!

Experienced Technicians You Can Trust

With over 30 years of experience as a local lawn care company in North Potomac, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service. All of our technicians are trained not only in the art of creating beautiful lawns in North Potomac, but in providing attentive, customer-centric care to you. As we create your plan and carry out our precise, science-driven treatments, we’ll check in with you along the way to make sure we address every concern, answer any questions, and confirm your satisfaction. And if you aren’t happy—neither are we! Just let us know and we will stop by to resolve the issue with a free service call.

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Aeration & Seeding

You know every spring when your neighbor’s yard looks like it’s full of doggy doo. It’s actually not. They ordered aeration and seeding for their bald and patchy grass. How’s your grass lookin’?

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Pest Control

Our individualized plans are designed to get rid of pests on your property while also using some of the safest products that have passed both EPA inspection and our own safety qualifications.

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Your home’s landscape beds are a major part of your property’s curb appeal. No one wants passerbys commenting on your unsightly beds! Let us make your property a hit.