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Whether you live along the Chesapeake Bay, near the US Naval Academy or Annapolis Mall our team of soil scientists know exactly what your turf needs to be the best yard on the block.

No two lawns are the same, so no two treatment plans are either. Our lawn care professionals in Annapolis take the time to understand your lawn’s needs and create a custom treatment plan based on their findings. This ensures you see the best results as soon as possible.

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What are the most common weeds found in Annapolis, MD?

Dandelions, clover, and chickweed are the most common weeds found in Annapolis, MD.

What are the most common grass types in Annapolis, MD?

You will most frequently find Kentucky bluegrass, followed by other types including tall fescue and perennial ryegrass in Annapolis, MD.

What is the most common soil type in Annapolis, MD?

Sandy loam, loam, and silt loam are most commonly found in Annapolis

We Offer A Variety Of Lawn Care Services For Your Annapolis, MD Home

Lawn Aeration in Annapolis

Refresh your lawn with our aeration and seeding services. Aeration is a method that is used to compensate for the thatch buildup that accumulates throughout the year. It works by pulling small plugs of soil out of the ground throughout your entire yard. This creates holes in the thatch, allowing the necessary nutrients to reach the roots deep in the soil, helping your grass thrive. Since aeration provides the optimal conditions for grass seed germination, we always follow up with lawn seeding services.

The benefits of lawn aeration and overseeding in Annapolis are:

  • A fuller, greener lawn.
  • Fill in bare spots or thin areas of your lawn.
  • Naturally prevent weeds and disease.
  • Promotes new, stronger root growth

Tree Service in Annapolis

We understand trees and shrubs greatly increase the overall beauty of your property and its value. Much like turf, the wide variety of trees and shrubs require nutrients, protection, and frequent attention to thrive. Using extensive knowledge of the needs and local climate risks, our specialists will determine the necessary treatments to help your ornamentals thrive.

Our tree service in Annapolis includes:

  • Insect and disease prevention with oil treatment.
  • Slow-release fertilizer to promote root and foliage growth.
  • Root injections for plants that are high-risk for pest damage.
  • Wax coat application to prevent damage from ice, wind, & freezing temperatures.

Mole Control in Annapolis

Moles, as well as voles, have a reputation for destroying beautiful yards across the state of Maryland. These frustrating pests can leave considerable damage in their wake, making it impossible to maintain the beautiful landscape you deserve!

We know that to minimize the damage to your yard from moles and voles, a quick response is essential. With our mole control service in Annapolis, you receive three visits within three weeks of your initial call. By using a combination of bait, traps, and repellents, we can get rid of moles and voles that are wreaking havoc on your property.

Our mole control in Annapolis includes:

  • Bait disguised earthworms to attract hungry moles.
  • Weather-resistant vole monitors to track activity.
  • Child-friendly and pet-friendly natural repellents.
  • Traps for severe infestations.

Mosquito Control in Annapolis

Take back your summer from itchy mosquito bites! Our Mosquito, Flea & Tick Yard Protection Program in Annapolis gives you the protection you deserve. We apply mosquito treatment formulas strategically—killing mosquitoes on contact and preventing resurgence by interrupting breeding cycles.

Our expert mosquito exterminators will ensure your yard stays free of thirsty mosquitoes all year long with the following:

  • Initial inspection​ of your yard to identify common breeding spaces, including areas of standing water like birdbaths, clogged gutters, and water features
  • Seven monthly treatments​ from April through October that concentrate on high­ risk areas as well as your lawn
  • EPA-­certified products ​developed to eliminate favorable breeding conditions

Flea & Tick Control in Annapolis

Fleas and ticks are persistent pests that are active during the summer and fall, the perfect time to be outdoors with friends and family. Nothing puts a damper on things like having to go inside to pull off a tick or learning that your dog or cat has fleas. To ensure you can safely enjoy your yard, we are committed to providing the best flea control and tick control in Annapolis. With Blades of Green on your side, fleas and ticks don’t stand a chance.

To kick them off your property we will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your property, identifying breeding grounds and hotspots.
  • Treat areas where water collects, keeping flea and tick eggs from hatching.
  • Apply liquid insect growth regulator to disrupt the life cycle of fleas and ticks.
  • Provide protection all season long with products formulated to withstand heat and rain.

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Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

Our lawn has never looked so good. We have been using BOG for I believe 3 years. Always friendly, great communication, and helpful anytime I have questions.- Lynn S.

five stars

We are VERY happy with the seeding. Only our front lawn gets all-day sun so the standard seed worked fine there. Most of our backyard gets less than four hours of sun in the summer, and the seed put there was great. One spot under a tree in the back is shady all day and now it is totally filled in with very green grass! - Mary B.

five stars

Shout out to BOG especially Caleb & Daniel. This is our first year using BOG, Caleb was our first tech. The initial walkthrough with him was concise & professional leaving us confident in BOG's ability to transform our lawn. Daniel was our last tech, and we had the same experience as with Caleb. He even scheduled a follow-up visit for additional reseeding based on current progress. We have high confidence that all the work BOG put in these past 6 months will bear positive results in spring 2023!- Daniel V.

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