Award-Winning Lawn Care Services in Pasadena, Maryland

Whether you live along the Magothy River, near Fort Smallwood Park or the historic district, our team of soil scientists and lawn professionals knows exactly what your turf needs to be the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Let’s partner together to make your lawn the lush green paradise you’ve been dreaming about!

Grow a healthy lawn designed to thrive in Pasadena, MD

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411 On Lawn Care Services in Pasadena, MD

What are the most common weeds found in Pasadena, MD?

The most common weeds in Pasadena are plantain, dandelions, and clover.

What are the most common grass types in Pasadena, MD?

The most common grass types in Pasadena are perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass.

What is the most common soil type in Pasadena, MD?

You will usually find loam soil in Pasadena.

Zip Codes Serviced in Pasadena, MD

  • 21122
  • 21123

Lawn Care Services for your Pasadena, MD Home

Aeration & Seeding

You know every spring when your neighbor’s yard looks like it’s full of doggy doo. It’s actually not. They ordered aeration and seeding for their bald and patchy grass. How’s your grass lookin’?

Mosquito Flea Tick Treatment

There is nothing worse than having some sweet tea in a storm of mosquitos and your animals full of ticks. Let us make your outdoor activities stress-free!

Tree & Shrub Care

There is nothing worse than your good looking trees getting infected by pests and having to call all out the tree folks to chop it down. We’ll make your trees and shrubs protected and help them live a long life.

Mole & Vole Control

Imagine playing catch with your kids or playing croquet and tripping over mounds and holes created by nasty, pesky rodents… we’ll take care of it and no ankles will get broken.

Pest Control

Our individualized plans are designed to get rid of pests on your property while also using some of the safest products that have passed both EPA inspection and our own safety qualifications.

Bed Weed Control

Your home’s landscape beds are a major part of your property’s curb appeal. No one wants passerbys commenting on your unsightly beds! Let us make your property a hit.

Recommended Services For Your Pasadena, MD Lawn

Tree and Shrub Care in Pasadena, MD

While trees and shrubs greatly add to the overall beauty of your property, they require several different nutrients, protection, and frequent attention in order to thrive. Our tree and shrub specialists will create a custom treatment plan for your trees and shrubs with seasonal applications that will keep them healthy and beautiful all year long!

When you sign up for Blades of Green’s tree and shrub care program, you can expect:

  • Oil treatment to prevent insects.
  • Slow-release fertilizer application for root development and foliage growth in early spring.
  • Insect and disease prevention treatment.
  • Tailored nutrient application mid-spring, early summer, and late summer.
  • Root injection to plants at risk for pests.
  • Selective fertilization applications, unique to ornamental trees and shrubs in the fall.
  • Wax coat application to prevent damage from ice, wind, and freezing temperatures in the winter.

Mosquito Control in Pasadena, MD

There’s nothing worse than staying inside during a nice summer day because of relentless attacks from mosquitoes. With BOG on your side, mosquito control in Pasadena is quick, easy, and effective! Our Pasadena exterminators will walk you through the entire process and ensure you have a mosquito-free yard to enjoy in no time! You will be on your way to enjoying your yard without any mosquitoes after three easy steps:

  • Full Inspection: Our skilled and certified exterminators in Pasadena will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify areas that need attention.
  • Treatment With Effective Products: We will treat the affected areas in your yard with high-quality products first, and then move on to the rest of your yard to treat areas that might go unnoticed.
  • Follow-Up Treatments: We will return every month from April-October to treat your home, ensuring that every mosquito is kept under control and out of your yard!

Our Pasadena mosquito treatments will allow you to enjoy a relaxing summer in your yard again.

Why choose Blades of Green for your Pasadena, MD Lawn Care Services

We are locally owned and operated

Our founder, Mark Leahy, started the company back in 1989 with just him and his brother, Brad. More than 30 years later, we have a team of more than 150 people partnering with people and companies in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

We have our own lawn lab

That’s right, we design and produce many of our products here onsite. This allows us to adapt to our area’s and your soil’s ever-changing conditions. Plus, we have test plots where we can benchmark results and innovate. There’s no moss growing on our feet (or test plots). We’re always looking for ways to improve and get better results for our clients.

We’re Soil Scientists

With more than 25,000 soil tests and 30+ years under our belt, WE ARE THE SOIL EXPERTS and know what your lawn needs. Not only do we understand the local soil and climate, but we also custom manufacture materials specifically for our service area and YOUR lawn. No big box, cookie-cutter approach here! It’s all about you (well, technically, your lawn).

Clients Love Us - No, Seriously… they do! But don’t take our word for it.

five stars

A long time customer of Blades of Green Lawn care, Great company very organized and well run. In addition to the great lawn service I have enjoyed over the years, I was contacted by the B.O.G. automated service alerting me of the arrival of the ZIKA mosquitos. I followed their advice and had both of my properties treated! Since the treatment I no longer have to fear getting a little head, or whatever this ZIKA thing causes. Great Job Guys!!- Joe Amato

five stars

Mark is always willing to share his knowledge, is professional, and always takes his time no matter the situation. I am very satisfied with the services provided.- David M.

five stars

Thank you! I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful young man Sam Chheng is. He was professional, polite, and informative when he came to perform the winterization treatment at my home yesterday. You should be very proud of him. Please extend my appreciation and best wishes to him. Thank you. Happy holidays! - Regina H.

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